“I like their well-organized meetings and great educational programs. I also enjoy the wonderful camaraderie and support provided by members.” 

Jack O.

“Toastmasters inspires me to work hard, challenge myself, and use my head.  I get to spend time with excellent, supportive, like-minded people.”

Melissa R.

“I enjoy the company of interesting people at Oak Bay Toastmasters.  The club really opens up my world.” 

Brad E.

“Oak Bay Toastmasters is encouraging, fun, and challenging.   Through public speaking, I know myself better and stay confident.  I enjoy getting to know others by listening to them speak.”

Mary D.

"OBTM offers an opportunity to keep my presentation and speaking skills sharp.  It is also an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours each week with a diverse and positive group of people." 

Geoff S.

"Incredible sense of community: Oak Bay TM is a place where individuals from all different walks of life are united by a passion for broadening our minds with words." 

Georgia H. J.

"There is truth to the idea that what holds us back in life are our fears, both conscious and subconscious. Speaking in public is a major fear for many. It is said to rank number one.

The genius of Toastmasters founder Ralph Smedley was to create a safe place where we can face that number one fear. While I had already given numerous talks in my previous career as a Financial Advisor, I had much to learn. The feeling of safety was one of the key things that attracted me.

When I received evaluations of my talks, big and small, I was always given lots of encouragement. That came with suggestions for improvement. Slowly, I found myself becoming more confident. And confidence is one of the keys to facing my fears." 

Matti A.

“Toastmasters provides weekly speaking practice in a supportive environment – with a modern, customizable education program – and all for a great price.  Being a member of Oak Bay Toastmasters has boosted my confidence as a public speaker, broadened my communications skill set, and allowed me to take risks in trying out new ideas and leadership techniques.” 

Virginia K.

"You can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on public speaking courses or workshops, but you will not have a chance to practice. Toastmasters provides you with that opportunity at each and every meeting. Most importantly, you have a positive, supportive, and non-judgmental environment. Each member brings a unique perspective, giving us an opportunity to learn something new every day." 

Navee B.