"People seldom improve very much when they have no pattern to go by but themselves." Oliver Goldsmith

Q: I get very nervous when I stand in front of lots of people. Is Oak Bay Toastmasters really a place for me?

A: Yes, it is! Few people are relaxed public speakers when they first enter Toastmasters. You will begin with one-minute speaking roles, and work up to longer speeches as your confidence grows. We learn to speak with confidence and develop leadership skills through practice in a supportive atmosphere; you will do it at your own pace.

Q: How much time does Toastmasters take?

A: Our programs are self-directed and can fit your schedule. Our meetings are 90 minutes each week. To maximize your learning you should be allocating time to write, edit, and practice your presentations. As with everything, the more you put into Toastmasters, the more you will get out.

Q: How often will I have the opportunity to speak?

A: In a weekly meeting, each member is assigned a role, so you have at least one opportunity to stand up in front of the lectern and speak at each meeting. You may also volunteer or be called on during Table Topics, which is an opportunity for impromptu speaking.

Q: I am not going to stay in Victoria that long. May I still join?

A: You may join whenever you want, regardless of how long you will be in Victoria. As a member, you can make your status inactive if you will be away from Victoria temporarily. Your membership is also transferable to another club should you move from Victoria permanently.

Q: I am already confident in my public speaking skills. Is there still something I can learn from this club?

A: Yes. There are many advanced programs for specific careers and interests. As an experienced speaker, you will polish your writing and delivery skills, focusing on timing and pacing. Our experienced speakers play an important role in the club, both as models and as speaker evaluators. Our members range from novices to award winners, and through listening, we all learn something new at every meeting.