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Member Testimonials

"You can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on public speaking courses or workshops, but you will not have a chance to practice. Toastmasters provides you with that opportunity at each and every meeting. 

Most importantly, you have a positive, supportive and non-judgmental environment. Each member brings a unique perspective, giving all of us an opportunity to learn something new every day."

- Navee B, OBTM since 2016

"Toastmasters is for me like a party game, challenging and fun. Planning my speeches is a discovery of what it is I have to say. The Toastmasters program delivers self-awareness, confidence, focus, education, camaraderie, laughter, and inspiration."

- Mary D, OBTM

"There is truth to the idea that what holds us back in life is our fears, both conscious and subconscious. Speaking in public is a major fear for many. It is said to rank number one.

The genius of Toastmasters founder Ralph Smedley was to create a safe place where we can face that number one fear. While I had already given numerous talks in my previous career as a Financial Advisor, I had much to learn. The feeling of safety was one of the key things that attracted me.

When I received evaluations on my talks, big and small, I was always given lots of encouragement. That came with suggestions for improvement. Slowly, I found myself becoming more confident. And confidence is one of the keys in facing my fears.

As well, there is a camaraderie that develops at our club over time. I am grateful for my Tuesday evening fun times at the club."

- Matti A, OBTM

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