Guests are welcome 

Our club has a large, diverse, and dynamic membership.  Ages range from 18 to 85, many occupations, many cultures! 

(Minimum age is 18.) 

Our 90-minute meetings are conducted in a supportive, positive, and fun atmosphere, which allows everyone to enjoy the evening while developing individual speaking and leadership skills.

As a guest, you will:

* be invited to participate in the impromptu “Table Topics” session and to offer a short comment at the end of the meeting;

* be invited to join us after 2 or 3 meetings and after getting your questions about Toastmasters answered.

As a new member, you will:

* receive introductory information about the club structure and the Toastmasters International online educational program; 

* be shown how to use the “Easy-Speak” website to confirm your attendance and your speaking roles at weekly meetings;

* have access to a lot of additional information about Toastmasters and Oak Bay Toastmasters by going through our “Member Portal“. 

* be assigned a mentor who will help you with your initial presentations and will act as an ongoing source of support;

* receive an online subscription to the “Toastmaster” magazine where you’ll find articles on how to improve your public speaking and leadership abilities;