Members change roles at every meeting, giving everyone a chance to experience all roles.

The Toastmaster acts as  host and creates an atmosphere of interest, expectation, and receptivity. 

Each Speaker gives a prepared speech from the Toastmasters Educational program for five to seven minutes.

The Table Topics Master prepares four original topics,  and asks volunteer speakers or calls specific members to give impromptu speeches. 

The Table Topics Evaluator provides feedback to the table topics participants.

The Educational session is presented by an experienced Toastmaster on relevant subjects such as speech preparation, evaluation, meeting procedure, etc..

The Toast is given on a topical and interesting subject, person, or activity.

The General Evaluator provides feedback on everything that takes place throughout the meeting.  

Evaluators evaluate a prepared speech and give an oral evaluation and a written evaluation to the speaker.

The Grammarian introduces a Word of the Day,  listens for audible pauses, and creative use and (occasional) misuse of English.

The Inspiration is a short story, poem, quote, or speech that leaves everyone with something to think about.

The Greeter introduces guests to make them feel welcome.

The Timer keeps track of time, explains the timing rules, and provides a report.

The Smile Story is a  short, “appropriate” joke or a personal anecdote. meant to leave us with a smile.

The Quizmaster generates questions from the speeches and presents a quiz to improve our listening skills.